I’m Training to Run a 5 minute mile | 1 Mile Every Day Challenge

The other day I saw a video of this man running a 5 minute mile, Mr. Steve Spence. I was enamoured at how he glided through the run finishing it in 4:54… Here’s the thing, he’s 54 years old and he’s run a 5 minute mile, get this, 41 years in a row as of 2016. That’s an incredible accomplishment.  What a legend.

And watching Steve inspired me to start thinking of a goal that I could train towards. In high school, I ran track and field mainly competing in the 400m run topping out at around 51 seconds. My final year of high school was the first time I actually took running seriously. The first meet I ran a 58.89 run, good for 23rd place in my city, but just 5 weeks later I ran a 52:00 second flat 400m, putting me 4th in Southwestern Ontario for my age. I dropped 7 seconds on a 400m in 5 weeks from some of the most intense training I’ve ever done. I love running, and I know that you can see huge improvements if you do it diligently. 

And that’s exactly what Brendan from  did when he trained to run a 5 minute mile for 8 weeks. He didn’t hit the 5:00 mile mark, but shaved 68 seconds off his time from 7:48 down to 6:40. Another amazing accomplishment. And so I’ve decided that I’m also going to train to run 5-minute mile, however long it takes. And I’m so damn excited for it that I’m starting…now. 

Time Trial

On day 0, I ran a time trial to see what my initial time would be. I ran the mile in 7:22, which is a little faster than I anticipated. That’s my beginning time. Let’s get this how on the road.

Day 9 – Update 1

This past weekend, I hurt my hip flexor a bit while playing baseball and I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to come out on run today. But, I came anyways and I’m glad I did because I ended up running my fastest time yet: 6:47. My time is decreasing fast and I’m hoping it’ll keep up like this. Only time will tell.

Day 18 – Update 2

I cant believe how fast time is flying by. I’ve been running 1 mile everyday now for 18 days and it seems like I just started yesterday. Well today I’m doing another time trial just to see if I’ve improved at all over the last 10 days. Usually when I run my 1 mile, I don’t clock it because that puts too much pressure. I also don’t come to the track run, and instead just run around my neighborhood. So I have no idea what I’m going to run today, but I have a pretty outrageous ambition, I’m going to try to hit a 6:20 mile, which means roughly 1:35 per lap

Update: I ran a 6:15! That’s faster than I thought and I can’t believe it. I’m so happy with that and it’s motivating me to keep training every single day.

Day 30 – Update 3

Alright, today is the final day before I make my first video of this challenge. After 30 days, it’s time to test out how much I’ve improved. Today I’ll be aiming for a 6:00 mile, but it’s going to be very hard to do. My shoulders are a put sore from a work out I did yesterday and I anticipate they’re going to get tired while I’m running. Let’s see what we get.

Update: I ended up running a 6:05 which is my fastest mile time yet by 10 seconds, but I can see the amount of improvement I’m making every 10 days is starting to slow down. I wouldn’t be surprised if I only decrease by 5 seconds or less every 10 days going forward. That means that getting to a 5 minute mile at 1 mile per day will take roughly 4 more months. That seems like a lot of time, but I’m putting very little effort into this. I only spend about 10 minutes each day running, and if I can hit a 5:00 mile doing that small amount of work, then it’s definitely worth it.

If you enjoyed this challenge, then stay tuned. I’ve got a bunch more coming up soon.

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