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Habit Allies is the fast, effective, and social way to build good habits and break bad habits... Inside you get access to:

course library

In the course library, you'll get access to our Habit Building Course. It will introduce you to the most effective habit building strategies I've ever come across. They'll make it easy for you to start exercising, eat healthy, cut down on social media, and implement any new habit into your life that you want. Soon, we'll be adding courses that teach you how to build keystone habits like exercise, eating healthy, limiting social media, and doing deep work.

super allies community

Ask questions and get answers, share your progress, and chat with other members in the Super Allies Community. This community will keep you dedicated to your habit building journey. I personally respond to every single post in this community so it's also like having a 1:1 coach at all times. It just doesn't get any better than that!

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Got Questions?


Here are the most common questions, along with the complete answers

The Super Allies community is a Facebook group, so you must be on Facebook to access it. The reason we chose Facebook is because it’s easy to access.

After you join, there will be step-by-step instructions helping you get started.  More generally though, you’ll want to join the Super Allies Facebook community first, and then jump right into the Simple Habit Building Course. There you’ll learn a ton of effective strategies that all other Allies will be using and talking about in the community.

You can cancel very easily in your “Account” area. When you’re logged in, just click on “Account” in the menu, and you’ll be able to update any information, as well as cancel your account. 

There area  few things. First, the Super Allies community is a place you can ask questions and get answers. I will personally help you through any difficulties you’re having with your habits. Secondly, we are incredibly focused on only a few different strategies that cut right to the heart of behavior change and habit building. And we’re a focused community, then you’ll become focused too.